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Mothers Day, Fathers Day... Rainy days and Mondays rosé recommendations

By debzbinden, Mar 7 2018 09:41PM

SO much pink fluffiness out there with Mother's Day looming this weekend.

Pink flowers, pink chocolates even pink beer so it's no surprise that outside of the summer months the big peaks for pink wine are usually Christmas, Valentines' Day and Mothers' Day.

On the one hand I firmly believe that splitting the wine aisle into Girl Wines and Boy Wines is little more than a sensory own goal. At my #WedNightWineSchool classes there are always surprises in which particular wines come out as the favourites across that evening's group so who are we as the wine industry to say one wine is only for a certain occasion than another.

However, I really don't need much of an excuse to talk about rosé. Too many rosé wines are written off as too girlie or assumed to be sweet when in fact the extra oomph (technical term...) of a dry rosé compared to many white wine styles can give lots of potential for quite serious styles and some really interesting wine and food pairings. So while we've got the airtime for all things pink let's take a little look at some of the unmissable rosé wines out there.

More than just pink party bubbles – Graham Beck Brut Rosé (Majestic £14.99).

Made by the same Traditional Method as Champagne, this vibrantly fresh, dry style of sparkling rosé has a layer of biscuity complexity that outstrips its comparatively laid back price. Brimming with raspberry and cherry flavours and persistent fine bubbles it’s a great way to celebrate any occasion e.g. birthdays, Mothers Day, rainy days and Mondays…

Change from a tenner - Marqués de Cáceres, Rioja Rosado, Spain £8.99 (£9.99 Majestic)

Rioja Rosado from one of Spain's most well-known wine producers. Lifted and fresh, balanced with juicy berry and cherry aromas and added hints of roses and aniseed to taste. A world of food matching potential with the ripeness to stand up to a range of dishes.

So hot right now. Mirabeau Pure Provence Rosé (£12.99 Waitrose)

When it comes to drinking pink, Provence is the elegant choice. Labels are unashamedly pretty and bottles are usually clear to showcase the wine’s pale “onion-skin” pink tones. Fruit flavours are layered and delicate, though often not so restrained as the wine’s muted colouring might suggest. Mirabeau’s raspberry and cherry flavours are made more complex by a more savoury hint of rhubarb and with a dry finish this is a world away from sweet blush rosé styles showing pink wine has long come of age.

Whatever your rosé occasion, happy tasting!


Deb x

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