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Tasting Themes for Wine Parties and Corporate events

Choose from the following themes when Wine Confidence comes to you.


The Secrets of wine tasting  Learn to taste like the professionals with a series of contrasting wine styles to cover the basics of how and why we assess wine, how to know if a wine is faulty and what can influence a particular style.  Can also be tailored to cover just whites or reds.

Aromatic whites If you like Sauvignon Blanc... Building on the popularity of what is currently the UK's top selling white grape variety and showcasing other, lesser-known aromatic white wines to appeal to fans of deliciously crisp, zesty white wines.

Chardonnay-phobia Still one of the UK's best-selling grape varieties yet often somewhat misunderstood.  Our Chardonnay-phobia tasting will demonstrate how much more this noble variety has to offer.  

Ravishing Rosés Not just for summer. When it comes to thinking pink there is a surprising range of tastes and flavours to pick from. From easy-drinking to dry, savoury styles there is a rosé to suit any palate.

Wine wars Compare and contrast a pair of grape varieties and decide for yourself who your victor is. Choose your grape battle from: Pinot Grigio vs Riesling, Shiraz vs Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir vs Merlot.

Grape superheroes  Focus on a particular grape variety with contrasting wine styles from different regions. List of grapes available on request.

Sherry renaissance  Versatile, food-friendly and refreshing. From the driest of the dry right through to syrupy sweet, you'll taste the tantalising spectrum of flavours of one of Spain's most authentically unique wine styles. Prepare to see some myths busted...


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