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Coming full circle - After starting my wine career working with the Williams & Humbert Sherry brand whilst at Ehrmanns my first visit to Jerez, Spain's home of Sherry, in 2003 on a study tour having been awarded the Sherry Institute of Spain's scholarship award as part of the WSET Diploma.  Whilst I was interested in the theory about Sherry's history and production methods from my wine studies, it wasn't until I spent time in Jerez that my mind was truly blown by the variety available and the Sherry bug really had me hooked.

Over a decade later, the unmissable opportunity came up to spend some time in Jerez to add "Sherry Educator" to my creds. Sherry takes years, decades, even generations to develop and mature but in the decade since my last visit the landscape of drinking Sherry has changed almost unrecognisably.  

Truly a renaissance with many tipping Sherry as set to becoming the "next Gin". A new generation of foodies are discovering Sherry's diversity in style from searingly bone dry to lusciously sweet and everything in between.

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If you'd like to learn more about the different styles of Sherry, then you can book the Sherry Renaissance tasting as a Wine Party/Corporate tasting or for your wine society or tasting group.  Staff training options also available plus there's more about Sherry myth-busting here in the Blog.